• Erin Easterly

The Right Question

I have been asking the wrong question. Over and over I have asked, "What should I do?" The Universe failed to respond because I was asking the wrong question. The Divine Mother patiently waited for me to get to the right question right. She lovingly dropped the soul awakening question into my mind, "Who do I want to be through this situation?" Ahh, now, there, in its entirety, lies the reason for this particular life experience...perhaps all life experiences.

So with the question in mind, I have turned my attention from external solutions (i.e "What is my next job? Where will the money come from? How am I going to make this all work with my current responsibilities?") to internal course corrections. I am practicing fearlessness, faithfulness, devotion, balance, self control, awareness, and peacefulness...all of which have nothing to do with external circumstances and everything to do with my state of consciousness. My state of consciousness is derived directly from my level of divine connection. To that end, meditation, spiritual study, surrender, nonresistance, and love have taken primary importance in my life.

Isn't it interesting that the externals seem to be falling into place? In what ways can you prioritize your connection to Source?