• Erin Easterly

The Only 6 Steps You'll Ever Need to Live a Happy, Fulfilled, and Joyful Life

Updated: May 16, 2020

The current global crisis has been an energetic shake up, an energy-quake of sorts, presenting an opportunity for many of us to release well worn mental/emotional patterns and step into the next evolution of ourselves. While many people on the planet have simply reappropriated energy patterns of fear, anger, and anxiety from one object of attention to another, others have felt Spirit’s nudge to step more fully into the light.

To step into the light means to let go of the things that weigh you down. It is a process of consciously reconnecting to Spirit and lightening your energetic load. When you step fully into the light, nothing in the world of form can sabotage your lightness. You may even become so light that you find yourself in a state of “enlightenment.” While enlightenment may seem like a far away concept, it is simply a step by step journey from fear to love, resistance to peace, confusion to wisdom, and discontent to joy. Below are six steps that will set you on the path to lightness. It is with intention that these steps all begin with the letter S for together they create a pathway to true “6S” (success).


There are many things you cannot change: the global situation; how countries, states, businesses, or individuals respond to the current crisis; financial markets, including loss of money in your portfolio; school closures and work lay-offs; what the media chooses to report or not report; or collective greed, fear, and unrest. The very first step from darkness into light is the simple act of surrendering to life as it is currently unfolding. It is a release of resistance and a letting go of the need to make things other than they are. Surrender means that you allow people, situations, and things to be as they are without struggling to make them otherwise.

Action Step:

Notice what you are currently holding resistance toward, where you want to force change, and WHO you would like to change. Then breathe and soften into the acceptance of these things as they are. For this moment, stop trying to control things and allow everything to be exactly as it is without the need for your intervention.


As you surrender to the current unfoldment of life, massive amounts of mental and emotional energy are liberated from the enormous struggle of resistance. That freed energy can be used to strengthen control over yourself. The second stepping stone on the path to lightness is to become master of yourself. What does that mean? Ultimately, it means that nothing in the world of form can ever disturb your peace.

Action Step:

Observe which life situations, people, and circumstances have the power to steal your peace. Who makes you angry? What political figures can ignite your ire? What loss would rob you of your joy (i.e. job, family member, health, etc.)? Having identified the areas that have control over you, resolve to bring more awareness to them. Allow yourself to recognize that, “I (the formless consciousness) am undisturbed by the things that happen to me (the form).” The more you recognize that you are the conscious being who is aware of all that is happening in the world of form, the less power that world of form has over you. As awareness of your true nature increases, the the work is done for you. It transforms you from one who is identified with forms to one who is conscious of forms. In that consciousness is immense power and unconquerable strength.


Imagine a room with an entire wall of windows through which light pours. What happens if you stack box upon box in front of the windows? Eventually, you cover the windows and the light is diminished, if not entirely blocked. In order to step into the light, it is necessary to reduce the boxes blocking the light. Our lives are the windows; all the things that we fill our lives with are the boxes. In order to keep from blocking the light, it is important to simplify, to create space, to consciously choose which boxes are critical and which can go. If you cannot feel the space, you will end up edging out the light.

Action Step:

Assess where your life feels overly full. Is it your schedule, thoughts, emotional load, material possessions, expectations, or body? Commit to a decluttering plan by reducing commitments, meditating longer, witnessing emotions with detachment, getting rid of possessions, eating healthier, or exercising.


The Hebrew word for the verb “sanctify” is qadash, and it means to “dedicate or purify.” When we sanctify our lives, we purify our motives and dedicate our actions to a higher purpose. This is an essential step on the path to lightness. We can never enter fully into the light when we are focused solely upon ourselves.

Action Step:

Analyze your motivations to see where you are driven by self serving desires. Can you purify your ambitions so that your foremost goal becomes the expression of love? It is said that “God is love and whoever abides in love abides in God” (1 John 4:16). This being the case, by endeavoring to express love in all of your actions, life becomes purified of selfishness, dedicated to love, and in a word, sanctified.


The Oxford dictionary defines the word sparkle as, “to shine brightly with flashes of light.” As you step further into the light by releasing those things that do not serve you, becoming master of yourself, simplifying your life, and sanctifying your actions, your light will naturally shine more brightly. Yet, in order to “sparkle” you need to add flashes of bright light. What does that mean? The idea could most easily be summed up as “intentional acts of kindness.” These are not actions that we become aware of in hindsight, but ones that we plan with foresight. Harvard psychologist Shawn Achor refers to conscious acts of kindness as the “great happiness multiplier.”

Action Step:

Make a commitment to perform at least three intentional acts of kindness each day. Ask yourself “How can I make someone’s day just a little better today?” The actions themselves will likely be quite small, perhaps letting someone go in front of you in line, making tea for your spouse, calling your mom, complimenting a coworker, smiling at a person on the street, or giving your child your full attention as they tell you about their day. What matters most is that you decide beforehand which actions will comprise your three (or more) intentional acts of kindness for the day.


Almost anyone can practice the above steps for a day, a week, or even a month. Yet, just as with healthy eating habits, it is consistency that matters. What you do for a month will begin the shift. What you do for a year will build solid habits. What you do for a lifetime will transform you. Sustaining positive action is the key.

Action Step:

Review the 6S steps each morning. Perhaps devote an entire month to focusing exclusively on one step, journaling, diving into its essence, and integrating it in a variety of capacities. Make these actions your own. Let them cleanse you energetically so that your light may shine through. Remember that stepping into the light is a lifetime practice but the only moment of your life that you can live is this one. So practice now.