• Erin Easterly

Love Your Mother (Earth)

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” ~ Henry David Thoreau.

Some of the hallmarks of mothers are selflessness, love, and generosity. We see these qualities expressed instinctively in animals who protect and care for their young. The same qualities are consciously invoked in human mothers. Yet, nowhere can we observe these characteristics more consistently displayed than in Mother Nature.

Mother Nature offers a peek into the infinite love of our divine mother. She provides us with clean air to breathe, gentle breezes to caress our skin, bright sunshine to warm our body, majestic sights to entice our eyes, fragrant blossoms to perfume our paths, birdsongs to lighten our mood, and abundant food to nourish our cells. Mother Nature cares for us and continues to give of herself despite our collective “teenage rebellion” which includes polluting the planet, destroying forests, littering oceans and favoring corporate aggrandizement and personal convenience over the care of our Earth.

In the wake of Mother’s Day, may I humbly suggest that we offer a gift to the unconditionally loving Spirit of God who expresses through Mother Nature.

Receive nature’s gifts with gratitude

Bring awareness to the multitude of treasures that nature offers each day. Delight in these tokens of affection as a small child revels in gifts from his mother. “Unless you become like children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3). Spend a few minutes basking in the sunshine. Breathe deeply of the morning air. Observe the way the trees sway in the wind. Savor a freshly picked fruit.

As we spend time in nature we bring harmony to our body and mind. Modern research is beginning to validate what Ayurveda has taught for centuries: Nature is good medicine. Spending time outdoors entrains circadian rhythms, optimizes hormonal functions, releases buildup of positive ions, decreases stress, reduces anxiety, and so much more! Make a habit of spending at least a few minutes each day receiving the love of the Divine as expressed through nature.

Give back to Mother Nature

Mother Nature gives so much to us. Wouldn’t it feel good to do something for her in return? It doesn’t have to be a huge project (though that is certainly ok too). Rather, look for small ways to take care of her. Bring your own water bottle rather than using disposable cups. Plant a tree. Recycle. Plant a small garden in your backyard. Stop using plastic bags (and baggies). Shop local. Ride a bike instead of drive. Eat vegetarian sometimes or always (if you're looking for high impact this is for you!). The possibilities are limitless! As you become conscious of giving back to Mother Nature you will find opportunities around every corner. And true to her motherly nature, as you take care of the Earth she will give you even more in return.

Physically connect

Every mom loves hugs and Mother Nature is no exception. Lie down in the grass, walk along the beach, play in the river, and yes, hug a tree. Physically connecting to the Earth has been shown to increase the diversity of our microbiome, balance the positive and negative ions in our body, and to stimulate acupressure points on our feet. The end result is greater wellbeing for us. Ahh, now, isn’t it just like a mother to do that?

There is no need to wait for Earth Day or Mother’s Day to share some love with your Mother Divine. What can you do today to give back to her?