• Erin Easterly

Harnessing the Most Powerful Force in Nature

Extremely powerful forces of nature are oscillating within and around us. The sun’s gravitational pull is so strong that planets billions of miles away are held within it’s grip. The spectacular hidden grip of electromagnetism holds every single form in the universe together. There are weak and strong nuclear forces (so named by physicists), electrical energy, and the dynamic powers of wind, fire, water, and earth. Yet, there is an invisible force of nature that is more robust and influential than all the other ones combined. Scientists are just beginning to explore the dynamo that can control everything in the manifest world. It is the power of thought.

While both the observer effect (the ability of an observer to change the outcome of an experiment) and the placebo effect (the ability of a patient to instigate physiological changes in response to expectations) are well known, there are some fascinating new studies that have graced mainstream scientific journals over the past decade. Yet, while scientists continue to explore the tip of the consciousness iceberg, ancient spiritual traditions have long postulated that thought creates reality. Three thousand years ago King Solomon stated that, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Five hundred years later Buddha taught that thought is the greatest power of humankind. A few centuries later, Jesus taught, “Don’t you know that you are gods [powerful creators]?” Many spiritual teachers have sought to break through the limitations of matter to prove that humans are infused with the ability to create via thought. Jesus’s injunction to, “Be in the world, but not of it,” was a message of empowerment, heralding us to utilize the spiritual resources at our disposal RIGHT HERE in the world of form.

Hello??? That’s amazing news!!! In contrast to the conventionally held belief that the environment shapes the person, the fields of philosophy, religion, and science are independently confirming that the person actually shapes his/her environment. But how do we apply this knowledge and take it from the theoretical to the pragmatic?

Challenge Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way but which may not be true. They hold us back from being the highest and best version of ourselves and are rooted in FEAR (Future Events Appearing Real). They impoverish our thoughts, denigrate our abilities, and disintegrate our self confidence. They also happen to construct our reality. Louise Hay said that, “If you accept a limiting belief, it will become a truth for you.” I’ll share a few that I have uncovered in myself, though I’m sure you have your own. I actually encourage you to write down your limiting beliefs so that you can bring them into the light of consciousness.

Don't think these thoughts...they won't help you (trust me):

Finance: There isn’t an endless supply of money. You have to work hard to make ends meet. Money doesn’t grow on trees. The profession(s) I have chosen don’t pay well. When I give money to causes I support, I have less for myself and my family. You can only make so much money.

Time: I don’t have enough time to get it all done. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I have so much to do that I have to work all the time, even in my sleep. I don’t think anyone knows how much time I spend working.

Relationships: Speaking my truth isn’t safe. Fairy tale love is a fantasy. Relationship satisfaction declines over time. Relationships are hard work. I need to put my partner first, even to the exclusion of my own needs. Someone always needs something from me.

Health: My body is permanently changed after having 5 children.

Spiritual: It’s hard to meditate for an hour. My mind is restless.

Embody power affirmations

The attractive power of any particular thought is determined by how often we think it and by the strength of feeling/emotion associated with it. To facilitate the process of replacing limiting beliefs, I challenged myself to define an opposing truth for each limiting one. From those I created a list of positive affirmations. Since passing thoughts do not have the same attractive power as habitual thoughts, I wrote down my affirmations and have begun reading them hourly, or at the very least several times a day. In particular, repeat I try to repeat them as I fall asleep each night and first thing in the morning for that is when the mind is most impressionable. Here are a few examples of flipping my limiting beliefs on their end:

“There is an endless supply of money. It flows to me easily. I am compensated abundantly for the services I provide. As I give to others, I set an energy of generosity in motion that returns to me ten fold.”

Visualize the intended outcome

Numerous scientific studies have validated the power of visualization to affect actual changes in the physiology. As I repeat my affirmations, I visualize myself embodying them. In other words, I see myself giving and receiving money with joy, performing all of my activities with equanimity, being joyful and fulfilled in my relationships, and embodying radiant health! I visualize each of the senses..what does the “peaceful me” see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. How does she respond to multiple demands? I allow my senses to come alive with the visualized content.

Recognize and uproot negativity

Like attracts like. We attract things and experiences that are in harmony with our dominant frequency. Negativity neutralizes our positive thoughts. Therefore, it is imperative to become mindful of negative thoughts (aka limiting beliefs) and immediately replace them with an empowering affirmation. Each time I find myself thinking a limiting thought, I mentally chant, “Cancel that!” and instead mentally recite my affirmation. I am cleaning house and making my mind into a “NO NEGATIVITY ZONE!” Only empowering, truth inspired, love instigated thoughts are allowed. No exceptions.

Expect the best

I truly believe that we create according to the nature of our thoughts. And, of course, since I believe that, it is true for me. As I get my mind under control, the outer experiences have to follow suit. I have experienced this many times, and yet, over the years have slipped into unawareness. Now, I am taking back my mind from the culturally driven, habituated thought patterns which have become dominant. With the mind in order, my reality can be none other than perfect!

Feel free to share your power affirmations in the comments. We can all benefit from one another and together lift our individual and collective consciousness to a higher level.