• Erin Easterly

Current Habits=Future State

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Can my current habits carry me to my desired future? I read this question recently and it got me to thinking...

The Chopra Center, San Diego is closing in three months. After working there for eight years, I feel totally uncertain about my next move. The possibilities have spun in my head numerous ways, yet I have continued to lack clarity. In the midst of a lot of mental spinning, some of my actions have slipped into a space of “dis-ease.” It is as clear as a mathematical formula: Dis-ease (being ill at ease) in any area of life equals disorder, disarray, and ultimately disease. (The scratchy throat that I woke up with can attest to the fact that energy takes form.)

Over the years, I have observed enough people (especially myself) to realize that thoughts become things, mental energy takes form, actions generate reactions, and like attracts like. I would like to practice being at ease…because it is indeed a practice. In order to facilitate that goal, I see that the following habits need to be replaced:


It’s got to go….especially in its insidious forms of discontent, frustration, judgment, and negativity. Even it is only in my mind…complaining lowers my energetic frequency and attracts more of the very things that I don’t want in my life.

Replace with: Gratitude

There is always something to be grateful for…always. Find it, think about it, really experience the feeling of thankfulness. In other words, become full of thanks. Thank who? God, Source, Love, Light, Energy…thank the ONE.

Trying to Figure It All Out:

Goals are awesome. I believe in them. I think we should have them. Research supports the the value of goals. I also believe that when we have it all figured out we leave little room for the Divine Creative Genius to come in with new ideas and to CREATE. It’s okay to not know how to get to my endpoint. It’s okay to be uncertain. It is okay to to not have it all (or anything) figured out. It's okay to not even know yet what the endpoint is. Within the space of not knowing the inner spark of creativity is free to ignite.

Replace with: Affirmations

“I am open and receptive to the good that is flowing to me and through me.”

“I relax and allow God to work through me. I am just the vessel.”

“I surrender my need to control this and allow the Divine to work out the details.”

Thinking about problems all the time:

Sure, there are legitimate challenges that need to be addressed. But I don’t have to think about them all the damn time! That saps my energy, lowers my vibration, and leads to trying to figure it all out and/or complaining...not helpful for anyone.

Replace with: Set aside a time to consider the solutions to challenges. At the end of “thinking” time, let the problems go, whether or not they were solved. I can think about them again at the next scheduled “thinking” time.

What three habits do you need to change in order to be more at ease? Write them down and figure out what you’re going to replace them with. If you feel really bold, share them in the comments so we can EASE into this together.