• Erin Easterly

Connecting to Your Higher Power

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Have you ever stopped to consider the intelligence that guides evolution? When the first sea creatures ventured onto land, they were likely able to endure the immense force of gravity for only a few moments before being swept back into their weightless water environment. Yet, over time, an inherent intelligence responded and adapted to their need for heartier bodies, lungs, and legs. If there were no responsive force taking note of their needs, nothing would have changed.

Evolution speaks of the innate intelligent force within creation. The same responsive power that guides physical evolution is also guiding your life. It observes your needs and goes to work creating solutions. To our detriment, we oftentimes disconnect ourselves off from this power. The problem is that without it we cannot adaptively respond to the ebb and flow of life. And if we spend too long disconnected from this power, our physical vitality dwindles, our mental outlook shifts toward the negative, and our spiritual evolution comes to a screeching halt. How do you remain connected to your intelligent inner power?

Recognize your false identity (aka ego)

The roles, possessions, friends, and foes that you have constructed are simply your ego’s way of defining itself. Without the concepts of “I, me, and mine” there can be no ego. Try it. Go for a day without using the words, “I, me, and mine.” In short order, you will find yourself asking, “Well, then, if nothing is really mine, and I am not me, then who am I?” This is a good question to ask and is the beginning of the ego’s demise. You are the consciousness that is aware.

Spend time in nature

As you spend time in nature, you can reconnect to your consciousness, which is beyond ego. The intelligence in nature is the same consciousness that governs creation, evolution, and your personal spiritual development. Rarely is the innate power recognized it in the absence of ego, In fact, for millennia humans have tried to ascribe an ego to this power. From Zeus to Durga to Aphrodite, egoic identities have sought egoic gods. Yet, the intelligent force of the universe is itself without ego. Nowhere do we see that as clearly expressed as in nature. By being still and observing nature without labeling, you can feel the throb of intelligence within all creation, including yourself.

Stop seeking happiness

When you feel the pulse of consciousness within yourself, you are able to stop seeking happiness in experiences, roles, and possessions. As long as you are seeking, you are allocating your happiness to some future moment. Since happiness can only be experienced in the present moment, seeking means that you will never find. When you stop seeking, you become present. Only then, can you perceive happiness, which was present all along.

Understand your primary purpose

Your primary purpose has nothing to do with what you do and everything to do with the state of consciousness in which you do what you do. Fulfilling your primary purpose is the true source of fulfillment. What is your primary purpose? To become aware of yourself as ever existing consciousness beyond and within form.


In meditation you slip past the boundaries of form into the unlimited realm of awareness. Meditation is simply a reduction in the activity of the mind and a simultaneous increase in the scope of awareness. To understand the difference between mind and awareness, consider your body. You are currently aware of all the different parts of your body, from your toes to your head, but until this moment you were not thinking of them. When you think of them you can only think of one or two parts at a time. Yet, awareness allows you to be conscious of all the parts at once. In the same way, meditation enables you to enlarge your awareness of self without the restrictions of thought.

Connecting to your higher power through the above steps opens the door to unbounded joy, situational synchronicity, and flow. Instead of beating your head against the door to happiness, try the above steps and simply open it.