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While Ayurveda is vast in scope, there are many practices that can be integrated into daily life to easily create health, success, and happiness. I am constantly designing new workshops to provide students with the Ayurvedic tools they need to meet the demands of their lives. From anti-aging, nutrition, and supplementation to conscious communication, prosperity, and spirituality there is a workshop for everyone!
All of my classes are Yoga Alliance approved for continuing education credits and inclusion in teacher training programs.  

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The Perfect Health Ayurvedic Program

Format: Intensive weekend workshop or one 2 hour class a month for 5 months 


The Perfect Health Ayurvedic Program is a thorough dive into the foundations of Ayurveda. This is the same program that guests from around the world have travelled to the Chopra Center to participate in. Topics include the following:


Introduction to Ayurveda- Adi Shankara's Layers of Life, Five Elements and How They Affect Us, Doshas 

Nutrition- Digestion (Ama, Ojas, and Agni), Six Ayurvedic Tastes, Eating for Your Dosha, Enhancing Digestion, Body Intelligence Techniques

Nature- Rhythms of Nature, Seasonal Changes, Prana Building, Optimal Daily Routine

Communication- Needs of Human Beings, Seven Biological Responses, Conscious Communication, Seven Steps to Emotional Clearing

Detoxification/Healing- Developing a Vision Statement for Your Life, Healing Through the Senses, Using the Senses to Balance Your Dosha

Conscious Communication 

Format: 2 hour workshop

Bypass the boundaries of your social, familial, and cultural conditioning and learn how to communicate like a yogi. This pragmatic workshop is designed to give you the tools to to express yourself authentically and mindfully. 

Anti-Aging with Ayurveda 

Format: 2 hour workshop

There are six pillars of life long wellness which I call the “Beauty 6S (success) Principles.” When each of these pillars is addressed, an unshakable foundation of health and vitality is created. In this class we explore internal nourishment (everything you put IN your body), external nourishment (everything you put ON your body), practical supplementation, seasonal detoxification, how to live more in tune with nature, spiritual alignment, how to release negative emotions and and so much more. Anti-aging=life long health and vibrancy on every level! This class is a MUST for everyone over the age of 35!


Eight Limbs of Yoga 

Format: 2 hour workshop


In this highly spiritual workshop we delve into the true meaning of yoga. From the spiritual to the humorous we explore ways in which Vedic wisdom can be applied to "real life" in order create health, peace, success, and true happiness. Participants leave with a toolbox of strategies that they can use to unlock their hidden potential. 

Weekend of Connection

Format: Full Day

Learn how to connect to your body, mind, and spirit as well as to those around you. This course includes an introduction to Ayurveda, meditation, nutrition, and conscious communication. It is full of practical advise and soul stirring wisdom. 



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