In Ayurveda it is said that you must choose to prioritize wellness or you will be forced to prioritize sickness. A wellness membership takes the guesswork out of integrating powerful self care modalities into your routine. By making regular small investments in your health, you set yourself up to receive BIG dividends over time.


My wellness membership packages are designed to offer high value, results oriented services at an affordable cost so that prioritizing wellness is easy. 



Become a Member

You are warmly invited to relax, recharge, and take control of your health at an incredible monthly rate! My goal is to provide a sacred, healing environment where you can give back to yourself. The following membership programs are designed to pair flexibility and affordability with high quality Ayurvedic healing services. Membership programs allow you to commit yourself to regular self care while not breaking the bank. In addition to the most affordable Ayurvedic services, members also enjoy 20% off additional services for themselves and their immediate family.

Rasayana Membership

In Ayurveda, the term Rasayana is used to denote the science of lengthening lifespan and promoting vitality. The Rasayana Membership allows you to address specific physical, emotional, and/or spiritual challenges with several targeted coaching sessions.  


3 one hour coaching sessions each month: $500 (save 10%)

5 one hour coaching sessions each month: $786 (save 15%)

7 one hour coaching sessions each month: $1036 (save 20%)

Ojas Health Coaching Membership

Ojas is a sanskrit word that loosely translates as the essential essence of body and mind. Ojas is either depleted or enhanced through lifestyle and dietary choices. Monthly health coaching provides regular guidance in making choices that fortify your ojas. From dosha assessment and seasonal detoxification to dietary and supplement recommendations, the Ojas Membership helps you to cut through the noise of pop hype and address your bio-individuality. (For non-local clients, distance options are available.)


1 one hour of coaching session monthly: $185 

2 one hours of coaching sessions monthly: $325

*All Membership Programs require a minimum 3 month commitment, after which time, membership may be canceled at any time. 

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