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Ayurvedic Therapist and Educator, Erin Easterly, is a certified Continuing Education Provider by Yoga Alliance and holds a degree in Education. She has taught workplace wellbeing seminars

around the country.

What is a Corporate Wellness Seminar

Ayurvedic inspired Corporate Wellness seminars are designed to bolster employee wellbeing and productivity. By pairing relevant, cutting edge research with time tested Ayurvedic practices, employees are inspired to identify and replace high risk behaviors with health promoting habits. Pertinent research from the fields of nutrition, positive psychology, neuroscience, and ancient healing traditions provide pragmatic tools for addressing stress management, healthy eating for busy people, the positivity-productivity connection, conscious communication, and how to find more meaning in your work. 

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Benefits of Ayurvedic Wellness Seminars

Since most employees have never heard of the word Ayurveda they will immediately add a new word to their vocabulary. In addition to an expanded parlance, however, the following research verified outcomes can be expected:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Less Absenteeism

  • Greater Employee Engagement

  • Elevated Company Health Culture

  • Higher Employee and Client Satisfaction

  • Longer Employee Retention

  • Amplified Team Adaptability

  • Decreased Incidences of Stress and Depression

  • Enhanced Camaraderie 

What are Some Popular Seminar Topics
  • Food + Mood: Eating For Your Unique Body Type

  • Synchronizing With the Rhythms of Nature for Increased Productivity

  • The De-stress Express: Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Healthy Eating For Busy People

  • Ayurvedic Foundations of Health

  • Thrive in Your Workspace

  • Conscious Communication at Work and Home

  • The Positivity/ Productivity Connection

  • Six Steps to Healthy Aging

  • The Science and Art of Habit Formation

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Why Make This Your Progam of Choice

What makes Ayurvedic Wellness Seminars Unique?

  • Fully Customizable (You can choose the time frame, length, and location.)

  • Research Based 

  • Easily Implemented 

  • Aligned to Company Objectives

  • Flexible: Select one seminar, a package, or a monthly wellness option

  • Presented By Trained Professional

  • Proven Effective

  • New Content Provided to Support Organizational Needs

  • Optional Integrated Wellness Services: Yoga and Massage

  • Fun and Engaging

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