All Ayurvedic  Bodywork Treatments Are Currently Suspended Due to Covid Restrictions

 Ayurvedic  Bodywork

I  Renew  I  Restore  I  Revitalize  I  Refresh  I

Ayurvedic Bodywork harnesses the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to detoxify the body, balance the energy system, and harmonize the mind. 

I offer a variety of Ayurvedic treatment modalities, each one designed to address a different layer of the body-mind system. Each treatment is customized to meet the unique needs of my guests. I specialize in a holistic approach to bodywork that creates measurable results. 



Healing, Relaxation, and Ultimate Renewal


I specialize in an individualized approach to massage and body care – which means that I take into account each guest's emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, as well as any intentions held by the guest.  Every treatment is a customized experience.

Each treatment is performed on a bioenergetic healing mat comprised of amethyst, jade, and tourmaline crystals. These crystals are heated using far infrared technology (FIR). The gentle warming effect combined with the crystal's potent energies soften your muscles and tissues while simultaneously cleansing your energy field. The heated gemstones amplify the healing effects of your treatment. (You can learn more about the effects of the bioenergetic crystal mat here.)

I am particularly mindful of the energy that I embody while performing Ayurvedic treatments. I practice energy clearing prior to each session so that I may be a clear vessel through which healing and balance may flow. Between each guest the spa room is energetically cleansed so that every single guest receives the benefit of energy purification simply by entering the physical space. 



$65 – 35 minutes

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic friction-based massage utilizing warm dosha-specific herbalized oils. This treatment mobilizes lymphatic fluids to remove toxins at the cellular level. Abhyanga enhances immunity, increases circulation, and creates deep relaxation in the body. This is a 35 minute treatment and must be combined with another 35/60/90 minute treatment.


$65 – 35 minutes

Cupping is an ancient practice that uses suction to pull impurities and stagnant energy from muscles. On the physical level, cupping increases circulation, reduces local inflammation, loosens adhesions, and stretches connective tissues that can become inflexible with age. Energetically, cupping circulates prana and pulls deep seated energetic content to the surface to be eliminated. A 35 minute cupping session may be added to any treatment. 


$125 – 1 hour | $ 160 – 1.5 | $200 – 2 hours  

Gandharva uses the transformational power of sound and vibrational therapy to improve the flow of energy in your mind and body. Just as a dentist's ultrasonic scaler uses vibration to clean teeth, the Gandharva uses vibration to clean the energy system. An interweaving of srota bodywork and sound therapy creates this body and energy cleansing that restores balance to every layer of being. For additional benefits, add marma point therapy.

Hot Stone Massage

$125 – 1 hour | $ 160 – 1.5 | $200 – 2 hours 

This full body therapeutic massage combines Young Living essential oils and heated basalt stones to warm and sooth sore muscles, increase circulation, and release tension.  Additionally, the art of hot stone placement is used throughout the massage to energetically balance the body and mind. 

Padahyanga (Ayurvedic Foot Massage)

$65 – 35 minutes

There is a saying in Ayurveda that if you've worked the feet, you've worked the body. This invigorating foot treatment stimulates marma points and nadis (similar to acupressure points) to revitalize the entire energy system and balance the doshas. The use of a kansa bowl detoxifies and draws impurities out of the body. 


$125 – 1 hour | $ 160 – 1.5 | $200 – 2 hours 

Srotas are the energy pathways through which the body carries nutrients, information, and intelligence. With medium pressure and repetitive strokes, the customized Srota treatment opens your circulatory system and your subtle energy channels to soothe and relax tight tissues. The treatment is designed to remove the energetic patterns that contribute to repeatedly tight muscles. Designed to meet your desired level of pressure and areas of focus, the Srota is most similar to a Swedish massage.

Vedic Journey

$135 – 1 hour | $ 170 – 1.5 | $210 – 2 hours 

The Vedic Journey begins with Garshana, a raw silk glove massage that refreshes and stimulates the skin and lymphatic system. Next your body will be covered in warm herbalized oil for the Abhyanga, with specialized friction strokes designed to move the oil deep into your tissues to loosen stored toxicity. The slow, penetrating strokes of Vishesh follow. The treatment ends with Marma therapy to awaken your inner energy, while personalized aromatherapy enlivens your senses. This treatment is the ultimate in mind-body renewal.

Vishesh (must be combined with Abhyanga or Srota)

$65 – 35 minutes 

Vishesh consists of a deep-tissue massage used with repeated strokes to erase stored muscles memories of tension. It is profoundly relaxing for the muscles and also stimulating for the circulatory system. This invigorating massage helps remove deep-seated tension from your whole body.